Momentag is an action packed multiplayer tag game where player are robots that swing around a city scape with grappling hooks as they play tag games.

I worked on Momentag for the final project of a 5 month study abroad in the Netherlands.

During the project I held multiple roles including

Design Team Lead

  • Level Design
  • Mechanic Design 
  • Game Mode Design 
  • Facilitate communication between the various teams. 


User Experience Lead

  • UI Menu Design
  • User Flows
  • User Testing

Check out our Itch Page here- Momentag Itch.io


Wireframe Sketches

The first point in my design process is always on paper wireframes. 

I started with the main menu and mapped out the users journey and path through the game menus based on conversations with the programming team about how they were coding the multiplayer lobbies to work.

I wireframed 7 menus that the player may interact with which were:

  • Main menu
  • Find a game
  • Host a game
  • Settings
  • Choosing a map
  • Starting a game
  • Lobby passwords 

Level Design

For my responsibilities of Design Lead I created a few levels for the players to play the various game modes in. 

I started with answering questions such as 

  • How many players did we want in 1 game?
  • What were the gamemode types?
  • What is the desired duration of gameplay?
  • What mechanics will the player use to move?


After answering these questions and more I moved to sketches and then went on to simple greyboxes in Unity so I could get an idea of the movement and types of architecture that would facilitate the grapple hook mechanic best. 

After getting a solid level layout that felt good to swing around in I moved to level testing and seeing how player interacted with the systems in place


I was able to use a use testing room to run playtests and user tests of the game systems as well as test the players understanding of the menus and levels. 

For the level testing we gave the players a ball to follow through the level to see if they would be able to swing and follow a moving object at the same time. 

For testing the menus and the user flows I gave players tasks to complete such as

  • start the game
  • change the gamemode
  • host a new game


While the player completed these tasks I noted pain points and times in the users journey when they faltered and hesitated. 

Gold Milestone

By the end of the project I was able to 

  • Create Interesting and engaging levels 
  • Design Intuitive Menus
  • Make data driven design decisions that made the experience better