ArtsPartners Website



Problem being solved

The client ArtsPartners wanted a new website design that better fit their changing and maturing business. 

Problems with the website

  • Consistency across the site
  • Inefficient information architecture
  • User got the wrong impression of the business
  • Most important user actions were not prevalent enough


My design process always starts with sketches and wireframes so I can have many fast rough drafts to try out new ideas. 

Using Figma to mock up a few first rounds of the website homepage re design I was able to plan out the desktop view as well as the mobile view. 

For the hero section I was able to incorporate the clients logo in a new way since they wanted to push their new style with the website re design. 

With the wirefreames I was able to 

  • Use the logo as a unique way to add creativity to the site
  • Streamline the most important info
  • Highlight the user actions the client desired
  • Mobile optimization by planning for it at the get go

Homepage Iteration 1

This iteration was the first step into digital recreation of the wireframe. 

The new homepage fulfills all the requirements from the client including using their new logo, applying new color palette as well as being more of the style the client wanted for the website redesign. 

During this sprint I was a team lead for the homepage, worked on the visual design, information architecture and wordpress development. 

Client Feedback

I was responsible for presenting and explaining the homepage to the client. I went section by section and explained our design process and what we thought was the best direction to take the website. 


The client ended up loving the homepage but had a few notes of feedback. 

Final Version

After presenting to the client and receiveing feedback on what they liked, didn’t like, explained more of their company goals, and what they wanted to emphasis and entice the users to do on the site I went back and changed the design to more fit with their desires. 

I ended up making the colors more vibrant as well as adding a few new sections to the homepage to highlight the various events and programs the client wanted users to be aware of as soon as they saw the website. 

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