SoulSync City

SoulSync City is a cyberpunk movement shooter game where the player must traverse through a city using 3 movement tools while they try to topple an AI system ruling the city

This game was made for my senior capstone project at Bradley University. There were 26 members on the team including design, art, sound design,  programming, and production. 


  • Design Team Lead
  • Level design
  • UX
  • Playtesting


Tutorial Level Design

Starting off with the tutorial of the game I got a few sketches down and a greybox to then start testing the 3 types of tools we had to teach the player. 

Greybox version of the tutorial playthru video


After running some playtests and getting a basic greybox layout of the tutorial I discovered that the level on a whole was much too large and so I decided to cut about half of the level.

What this did was, we were able to get the player into the action faster and then we could start having the player do the most fun part of the game immediately. 


After having the level in development for a while we moved into the polish phase. During this time we made the following changes to the tutorial to polish the story, art, and overall player experience

  • new download effects for each tool 
  • More step by step mission points to guide the player
  •  Giving the player more feedback about what they were doing 

Final Version

By the end of the project at our Gold milestone I was able to create a level that 

  • Taught the player all 3 tools they will use in the other levels of the game
  • Give the player an introduction to the narrative
  • Introduce combat to the player
  • Introduce the mechanic of destroying generators to pass into new areas

At our end of year showcase FUSE, hundreds of people were able to play the game and we had a majority of players understand the tools and the goal. 

Tutorial Level Playthrough