Arts Partners Website Design

Role: Design Team Lead

Project Duration: 4 months

Arts Partners is a non profit organization that showcases local artists and local classes in the arts such as playing instruments, painting, pottery, theatre, and more. 

I was a team lead on this project where I created moodboards, wireframes, prototypes, empathy maps, and designed the informational architecture of the site


Role: User Experience and Design Lead

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 months

Momentag is a 3D grapple hook game where the players swing around a futuristic city and play various tag games such as infection tag and keepaway.

During the project I was the design and user experience lead where I created user journeys, golden threads, wireframes, and design the informational architecture for the player navigating the multiplayer system. 

I was also responsible for communication between design, art, and programming to ensure that the players experience was consistent and clear throughout the game. 

Metaverse User Research Project

Role: UX Researcher

Project Duration: 4 months

I created this project for my user research class at Bradley University. At the beginning of the semester we chose companies and products to survey. I chose the Metaverse since I have an interest in new VR technology.

During this class I was tasked with creating surveys, user journeys, empathy maps, and personas for users. I presented all this information with slide decks. 

With my research and presentations, I received and A in the class.