User Experience

Metaverse User Research Project

I created this project for my user research class at Bradley University. At the beginning of the semester we chose companies and products to survey. I chose the Metaverse since I have an interest in new VR technology. 

During this class I was tasked with creating surveys, user journeys, empathy maps, personas, and I presented all this info in various slides. 


At the end of the semester I received an A in the class for my presentations. 

3 Waves Bed and Breakfast Website

Website design for a wellness focused bed and breakfast in Plymouth Massachusetts.


Since the BnB is right near the water I opted to use cool blues for accent colors. The client also wished for there to be a large number of photos so potential guests might see the rooms in their entirety. Another request for the site was to be simple since traditional bed and breakfast often serve an older clientele. 

Check out the website here: 3 Waves Wellness