Smoke Trails


First Draft


About this Project

This game prototype was created for my rapid prototyping class in Spring 2022. We created a stealth game that required you to use smoke bombs and knives to defeat the guards while you collect pickups. I was responsible for the mechanic design (bombs and knives) and the level design as well as the enemy pathing. If you enter the red vision square of the guards they will chase until they catch you (Game over) or until you get far enough ahead, and then return to their original path. 


Our goal was to create a fun 2D game in two weeks time and then playtest with the rest of the class. 


The most difficult part of this game was the fast creation timeframe. Designing enemy paths and then testing them to find a balance between fun, difficulty, and level scaling in two weeks time can be difficult.

What I would do different

Something that I would have done differently is have larger levels. The current size works and is fun but a larger level would have allowed for more interesting movements and interactions between the player and the enemies.