Game Design / Production


Role: Design Lead 

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 months


Momentag is a 3D grapple hook game where the players swing around a futuristic city and play various tag games such as infection tag and keepaway.

Mighty Minotaur

Role: Team Lead

Platform: Physical Board Game

Project Duration: 1 Month


Mighty Minotaur is a board game where 3 players will have to explore a maze while the minotaur player hunts them down and tries to trap them in the maze forever.

Dodge Roll

Role: Producer

Engine: Unity

Other software: Trello

Duration: 3 Months

Dodge Roll is a deck building rogue like game where the player must wander the land fighting monsters with magical spells. Players will have to collect new characters to build their strength and attempt to defeat the final boss. 

Silvans Shroud

Role: Team Lead

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Silvans Shroud is a new take on RTS games. At night the player must choose a hero unit and then game becomes a FPS survival game until morning.