Mighty Minotaur



Game Rules

About this Project

This game was originally a design challenge from our professor Timothy Hutchings. He had the class create a card game that only used 9 cards in total. At first the class thought he was insane because you do you make an actual game from only 9 cards. Mighty Minotaur is what was spawned from that. 9 cards are set in a 3×3 grid that are shuffled each time before play begins. The players would have to collect sword fragments from around the game board and then kill the minotaur. All while the minotaur hunts them down and tries to trap them in the maze. 

We ended up submitting the game to the GSGC (Computer Simulation and Gaming Conference) because it was extra credit to do so. We were awarded first place in the college physical games category. 


Having to work within the constraints of only having 9 cards at our disposal was at first difficult but eventually it turned into a blessing because it made our creativity go wild with a number of interesting work arounds and mechanics to try and make the game playable and fun. 


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