First Draft


About this Project

Silvans Shroud was a game prototype for my rapid prototyping class. We created this game over a 2.5 week sprint. There were 3 of us on the team and I was in charge of level design and placement of all 3D assets. I also created the various characters the player can use. There are an archer, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a mage that uses various spells, and a machine gun. This was one of my first games that works in 3D and I loved it. Up to this point I had never worked in 3D and i found that I really enjoyed level design. 


Silvans Shroud is an RTS and FPS survival game. The player builds a base in a classic RTS fashion with fog obscuring the rest of the map. The player only has 5 units to work with to defend their territory but they can possess any of the 5 and the game becomes a FPS. There is a day night cycle where a light source rotates around the map and when night falls enemies start spawning. Currently there are two enemies 1 ground and 1 flying enemy types. The enemies can spawn from any of the 4 camps that the player has to track down and destroy. 



The goal of this game was to make a 3D game of some sort. The assignment for class did not have any strict guidelines so me and the teams programmer Nick started working on an idea to combine two types of 3D games. Eventually we came to RTS and FPS survival game and ran with it. After the first week we had a check in and playtest with the rest of the class and everyone had fun with the base mechanics of switching between RTS and FPS. Next i designed a map with enemy outposts and tried to have a bit of variety with them so I created small biomes that are visually distinct so the player wouldn’t get lost wandering around the map. 



Our biggest struggle was explaining the controls to the player in a good way. We found that even in a classroom of game designers not many people were willing to read rules and controls so we came up with the idea of trying to teach the player on the fly as they played but that led to players being confused when they got stuck on building mechanics. Unfortunately the semester ended without us being able to spend more time on the UI and controls. 


What I would do different/What I liked

I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I like the project and it is one of the more fun game projects that I have worked on. Nick and myself have tentative plans to further development of Silvans Shroud with more levels and a larger amount of characters to choose from. We have also been talking about making it a VR experience with the level as a table and the buildings can be cards that are placed down.


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