Game Design

Silvans Shroud

Role: Team Lead / Level Design / Mechanic Design

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Silvans Shroud is a new take on RTS games. At night the player must choose a hero unit and then game becomes a FPS survival game until morning.


Role: Design Lead  / Mechanic Design / Game mode Design / UX design

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 months


Momentag is a 3D grapple hook game where the players swing around a futuristic city and play various tag games such as infection tag and keepaway.

Mighty Minotaur

RoleTeam Lead  / Mechanic Design

Platform: Physical Board Game

Project Duration: 1 Month


Mighty Minotaur is a board game where 3 players will have to explore a maze while the minotaur player hunts them down and tries to trap them in the maze forever.

Smoke Trails

Role: Team Lead / Level Design / Mechanic Design

Platform: Unity

Project Duration: 2 Weeks


Smoke trails is a rapid prototype game concept where the player must dodge and avoid enemy guards while collecting items around the map.